Redeye River

Redeye River

The Redeye River Watershed contains three major river systems: The Redeye, Leaf, and Wing Rivers. The Redeye River flows southeast from Wolf Lake (in Becker County) to the confluence with the Leaf River halfway between Aldrich and Nimrod. The Leaf Rive flows east from the Leaf Chain of Lakes (in Otter Tail County) to the confluence with the Crow Wing River north of Staples. The Wing River flows northeast, starting near Parkers Prairie and flowing into the Leaf River north of Verndale.

The landscape is varied, with forests dominating the northern half of the watershed and agriculture the dominant land use in the southern half. Wetlands dot the landscape, including the Leaf River Valley. Lakes are absent from much of the watershed, only forming around the edges of the watershed.

Our completed Leaf, Wing, Redeye One Watershed, One Plan document will help us balance all of these competing land features and differing land uses for a healthy watershed. In our plan we focus on land management as the key tool that will help to protect our rivers and lakes.

One Watershed One Plan

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