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Wadena Soil & Water Conservation District

Established in 1958, the Wadena Soil & Water Conservation District was organized by local farmers, with help from the Agricultural Extension Service.

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Clean Water, Land and Legacy Logo

Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment

On November 4th, 2008, Minnesota voters approved the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment to the state constitution. The Amendment increases the sales and use tax rate by three-eighths of one percent, starting July 1, 2009 and continuing through 2034.

Amendment dollars are dedicated to four funds:

  • Outdoor Heritage Fund
  • Parks and Trails Fund
  • Cultural Heritage Fund
  • Clean Water Fund

Local Soil and Water Conservation District offices may apply for money from the Clean Water Fund to fund local projects. The Clean Water Fund was created to:

  • Protect, enhance, and restore lakes, rivers, streams, and groundwater
  • Protect drinking water sources

The Clean Water Funds are distributed through the Board of Soil and Water Resources (BWSR). BWSR grants provide the funding to local units of government to deliver soil and water conservation services to their communities. Grant funds support and increase local capacity to implement programs and provide cost-share to landowners who install conservation practices on the land to benefit state water and soil resource.

The Legacy Logo (above) identifies projects funded by the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment.

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