Wadena SWCD Tree Program

The Wadena Soil and Water Conservation District's tree program was developed to provide landowners with an affordable and convenient way to purchase trees and shrubs for conservation practices such as, windbreaks, shelter-belts, living snow fences, and wildlife habitat. Trees provide many benefits to one’s property. It can reduce erosion on your property, protect water quality, increase energy conservation through strategically planned placement of trees next to your home, improve wildlife habitat and in general, and increase the aesthetics and value of your property.

We coordinate with the East Otter Tail SWCD to provide a wide variety of "conservation grade" trees and shrubs to rural landowners for planting each spring. Conservation grade means that they are bare root and have some imperfection, like J roots caused by improper transplanting, a split top, or is short and stocky.  Conservation grade is intended and suited for planting shelter-belts, erosion control, windbreaks, wildlife habitat and other conservation purposes.  Our inventory includes a variety of bare root and potted tree species that are typically used in conservation plantings.

Our tree sales open in January each year. Join our mailing list for tree sales notifications by filling out our contact form here.

SWCD Tree Store

Sample Tree Plan

Technical Assistance

In addition to the sale of trees and shrubs, free technical assistance is available for developing a planting plan. We can help design any of the following practices:

  • Wildlife habitat plantings
  • Shelterbelts for building protection and energy efficiency
  • Field windbreaks to prevent soil erosion
  • Riparian buffers for water quality
  • Living snow fences for safer roads and driveways

Our technicians will complete a site visit and design a plan, at no charge to you. This plan includes the recommended types and numbers of tree and shrub species, a planting spacing and map, and cost estimates.

Tree Planting

In addition to tree planter rental, the SWCD offers custom tree planting. If you would like to have the SWCD plant your trees, please contact us as early as possible to get on the schedule.

Pricing (Tree Planting minimum charge is $250.00.)

  • 500 - 1999 trees        $0.50/tree
  • 2000 - 4999 trees      $0.45/tree
  • 5000 - 9999 trees      $0.35/tree
  • 10,000 + trees           $0.30/tree

Please see our Services page for tree planter rental information.

Remember: It is legally required that you have your utilities located before digging. This is a free  service to help prevent disruptions to utilities. Call 651-454-0002 or visit Gopher State One Call.

Weed matting installed on rows of planted trees.

Weed Matting

The Soil & Water Conservation District also offers a weed matting service. Weed matting helps newly planted trees get a better start because they are not competing with weeds right away. The SWCD will calculate the needed materials, order them, and install them to specifications.

Contact us for current pricing.

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