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Don and Alyson Water Sampling

Redeye River Surface Water Assessment Grant (SWAG) 

This project utilized eight surface water sites in the Redeye River Watershed to collect chemical samples and complete field analysis to help determine the health of the streams in the watershed. The eight sites were equally distributed in Otter Tail and Wadena Counties, including sample sites on Bluff Creek, Leaf River, Redeye River, Oak Creek, and the Wing River. The parameters we tested at each site included TSS, TP, Chloride, hardness, E. Coli, Secchi tube, specific conductance, temperature, pH, DO, and additional perception assessments. The results from this data collection will assist us in reaching our One Watershed One Plan goals of reducing bacteria, phosphorus, sediment, and nitrogen, while also determining focal areas for implementing best management practices in the future.

To learn more about the Surface Water Assessment Grant Project and its results, please view out Story Map, using the link below. 

Redeye River Watershed SWAG (

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