Water Quality

Water Quality

Climatology Information

In Wadena County there are several volunteer rain gauge monitors who take rain gauge readings from April-October each year. This data is entered into the state Climatology Office's database and used to assess the impacts that rain has on our climate here in Minnesota.  You can search the Climatology website for present and historical data.  They also have a monthly newsletter on Minnesota's climate conditions.

State Climatology Office

Nitrate Clinics

Nitrate Clinics

The Wadena SWCD offers free nitrate testing at our clinics (results while you wait). Bring at least one-half cup of water in either a clean plastic or glass container or Ziploc-type bag to the nitrate testing clinic. To get a good sample, allow the water to run 5 to 10 minutes before filling the container.

Why test your water?

Nitrate-nitrogen is a common contaminant found in many wells throughout Minnesota. Shallow wells, dug wells, and wells with damaged or leaking casings are the most vulnerable to nitrate contamination. It is recommended to test your drinking water supply on a regular basis.

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What if my water has nitrate?

Nitrate levels of 0 to 10 ppm is considered safe by the EPA and the MN Dept of Health. If above 10 ppm nitrate concentration*, you should have your water re-tested at a certified water testing laboratory. A Laboratory can test for additional contaminates such as arsenic, lead, coliform bacteria, etc.

MN Accredited Water Testing Labs

Abandoned Well Sealing


Abandoned Well Sealing

The Wadena SWCD has limited cost share dollars available for sealing abandoned wells in Wadena County. All work must be done in accordance with the Minnesota well code by a licensed contractor, including the filing of a sealed well record with the Minnesota Department of Health. Upon completion and return of all the required documents to the SWCD, the cost share payment to the property owner will be made as long as a contract was signed and approved at a prior SWCD Board Meeting. Applicants who seal wells prior to receiving a signed contract from the SWCD will not be eligible for cost share. Contact us for more information about cost share availability.

MN Dept of Health Well Information

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